Monday, March 24, 2008

Conference Panel: Media & Entertainment in India

TATA Sky setup a nationwide support structure in India, flat. It is growing at a pace that is set to drive the company to leadership in satellite TV subscriber base.

How does a company manage operational decisionmaking, organization structure, core competencies, vendor relationships, training, and breakeven in such a context?

What do you think?

Given that India has over 250 MM cellphone screens, versus upto 50 MM in PC screens, how do service providers support the growth of applications and products for the cellphone screens? Does a Microsoft-Facebook dealmaking approach work in an Indian context?

What do you think?

1> India seems to have a lack of startup oriented risk-taking despite a large pool of enterpreneurs.
2> The Indian market does not have mature "competitive" technology clusters and mature financial players that support various stages of a company's lifecycle in a cluster.
3> Leaders from Microsoft India, pointed to a lack of expertise in business models.

This lack of business model innovation may be impeding a ramping up of local application/ product based activity. Would a Microsoft-Facebook type deal-making model- as a means for service providers to support cellphone market development- work in India?

What do you think?

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