Sunday, April 06, 2008

Conference Panel: Asset Allocation and Changing Times, the Limited Partner Perspective

I decided to check with a Limited Partner (LP) on the questions on deal size and frequency that I had thought about at this conference:

Of course, the context was different, but my take was that the issues encountered were the same. The LP smiled and said they had a great CFO. Going back to the Gary Loveman post below, you can't argue with talent:

A General Partner (GP) at another panel said that an LP had mentioned that a lesser return in the depressed economic environment would still validate their investment/ asset allocation. It would be interesting to get insights into the aggregated decisions made by GPs across PE firms and the outcomes down the line.

The Usual Disclaimer: This is purely a knowledge sharing resource and I have been careful to protect panelist interests. Ethically, context is everything, and I will gladly retract anything that affects the parties mentioned. Call this my mini OpenCourseWare, if you will, where Open signifies life experiences.

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