Saturday, March 05, 2011

Ad Spend Trends in the US

Executive Summary: A quick check with *you* on your thoughts on media and ad spending in the US. The objective is two fold- identify what you believe are the factors driving the trends, and then seek your forecast for this trend.

Trend: Advertising Dollars

I attended a conference where a respected businessperson emphasized a trend in the media industry. Ad spend in online channels was not growing the overall pie in terms of dollars. Instead the online channels were cannibalizing other channels. So the question arises- is there a disssonance between the change in the size of the pie, its slices, and consumer/ end user relevance?

Older, publicly available statistics are available here:
1. Fred Wilson:
2. Hal Varian:

Some Macroeconomic Factors

1. Are economic conditions factors in terms of the overall ad spend pie? How?
2. Are demographic trends factors in the stagnation of the overall ad spend pie? If so, how do these trends play out in terms of the slices of the pie?

Marketing Teams as Factors in Ad Spend Shifts

I also noted some opinions a few years ago that the move of marketing dollars from traditional media to online media would be slow because of deep, embedded marketing and agency relationships, as well as marketer mind share.

Consumer/ End User Behavior

1. Has the user's behavior across the various marketing communication touch points, even with the addition of online media touch points, changed?
2. Has the user's reaction to these marketing communication touch points changed over time?

What do you think?

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